Was founded in 1994 following an initiative by the former minister of Finance and Secretary of Tourism, Mr. Nikos Skoulas, to bring together and to organize a meeting of the five founding members of the GALAXIAS-GALINOS-LAOUTARIS-GOUNTZIDIS-BISKAS Group and the Consumer Association IN.KA of Chania, to realize his dream that was the founding of a Greek Group.

It's about a strategic alliance of medium size Super Market Chains, having the same operation philosophy, are facing similar problems and share joint visions and aims.

ELOMAS, despite the competition and the developments in the field of retail, has accomplished to sustain and increase its turnover and its member stores in a very satisfactory degree.

From 1 April 2006 the cooperation between ELOMAS and the company of storage and distribution (Logistic) ALPIKO SA took place

In ALPIKO SA they are stored and distributed exclusively for ELOMAS members:

  • Private Label "ELOMAS" Products
  • Dairies import and domestic 
  • Products with EURO SHOPPER Label

The total group turnover for the year 2008 amounts to 1,40 billion euros, having in 2008 40 companies - members, with 660 stores in every corner of Greece.

The Annual income of 1,4 billion euro of ELOMAS, gives to our Group the second place in the food retailing sector in Greece, following a well known multinational Group that operates in Greece. It is worth to mention at this point that Elomas is having the lead in terms of Income among other Multinational & local Groups of the food retailing sector in Greece

ELOMAS is distinguished as the first force of the Greek Super Market retail, a fact that guarantees against the expansion of the multinational companies, is promising for the Greek Economy and guarantees high quality and low prices for the Greek consumer.
The creation of this new force in the field of retail had the following targets:

  • To create a defensive mechanism against the large chains, therefore to necessitate the survival of its members.
  • To play an active role in the retail developments.
  • To support the Greek production and the Greek consumer.
  • To provide its members with a new perspective, through improved organization, structure, systems, procedures and education.

The above mentioned targets have been accomplished to a large extent, while new targets have been added due to the continuously changing economy and technological developments.
The imminent priorities of the Group are:

  • The labelling of all the stores with the Group's logo and the promotion of the common name in leaflets, while a Mass Media promotion is being programmed.
  • The extension of use of the fidelity card, a bonus card for all members within the next year, plus a centralized offer negotiation by the Group.
  • The creation of central warehouses in northern Greece.

ELOMAS is the "Greek consumer's power":

  • Head leaflets are printed once a month and are circulated in all its stores.

  • Seasonal promotional campaigns and relative products that differentiate due to their quality and their competitive price.

  • Participation in important programs dealing with the "Effective Consumer Response" (ECR) initiative, such as EDI, CRP, CAO, Category Management etc. A lot of ELOMAS' members are already applying  Category Management and communication programs with their suppliers through digital means.

  • A large scale of quality and inexpensive private label products. The Group's products presented a vertical turnover increase in 2004, reaching 10.162.853 euros. ELOMAS' collection of products amounted to 290 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) in 2003, 382 SKUs in 2004 and - until 30th of June 2005 - 418 SKUs, while there is a scale of 93 First price product SKUs, which are distributed through the warehouse of GREEK POWER SA.  

  • A large scale of quality and inexpensive private label products. The Group's products presented a vertical turnover increase in 2008, reaching 15.000.000 euros. ELOMAS' collection of products amounted to 450 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), while there is a scale of 90 euro shopper products.